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Shane Keenan

Austin, TX

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Experienced instructor with nearly 10 years teaching experience and 15+ years of live ensemble and studio work.

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Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Country Guitar, Metal Guitar, Rock Guitar

Also teaches: Fingerstyle Guitar


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I first began playing guitar at the age of 11 while growing up in Austin Tx. Like many other kids in middle school guitar became an interest due to the popularity of bands like Guns and Roses, Metallica and Sound Garden. Out of skepticism that guitar would just be a passing fad, my parents (like many), bought me a cheap guitar, feeling that I would quickly loose interest. That skepticism would fade as i quickly became consumed with the music of guitar legends like Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton, as well as local hero's like Eric Johnson and the Vaughn Brothers.

Shortly after finishing high school I moved to Nashville, TN where I would spend the next 15 years 'cutting my teeth' as they say on blues, rock, gospel and country. I spent years rotating in and out of impromptu cover bands as well as my own original projects.

Shortly after completing college, I began to teach guitar lessons to supplement my income and found it to be a rewarding experience and not just a vocation. While it can be difficult or challenging for both the instructor and the student, teaching music offers a rewarding experience far beyond what any paycheck can do. As an music instructor, a musician has a unique opportunity to connect with their community by building relationships with students, parents and other instructors/musicians. It is also very rewarding to be in a position where as a musician, you can take something that you are passionate about, break it down into its components and then share it with someone who is eager to learn and develop their talent.

I strive to conduct lessons that are fun, informative and challenging. I aim to do so by conducting lessons that are tailored to the individual's abilities and interests through the use of technique, theory and familiar repertoire.