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Sean O'Brien

Los Angeles, CA

About Sean

Specialized Music Teacher in Music Theory, Guitar and Audio Engineering


Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Bass Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Country Guitar, Electric Bass, Fingerstyle Guitar, Folk Guitar, Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Logic, Metal Guitar, Mixing, Music Recording, Music Theory, Protools, Protools Lessons, and Rock Guitar



Experience Teaching

Children, Teens, and Adults


Sean O. is a Los Angeles City Musician and Audio Engineering Teacher. His passion for music began as a child during frequent motivation in guitar. Now, his primary source of inspiration for his richly diverse subject matter comes from maintaining proper techniques and skills in his love for music. His art is characterized by his development in Music Composition, Techniques and skills within his instruments, and creating an experience for others around him to prosper with success.

Sean is a certified Music Composer and Audio Engineer Expert earning his degree through Musicians Institute and CSU Fresno. He is a virtuoso in guitar, knowing all styles of guitar as well as proper mixing and mastering skills in home and studio recordings. With his knowledge and experiences, he’s giving more than just instrumental and recording techniques but ways to prosper yourself through music business as well.

Sean has showcased his music in band such as Destroy Until Improvement, Rendezvous and Plays Well With Others, as well as seminars and clinics in schools and music shops around california.

His work is displayed on videos shown and several other music sites such as Got Djent?, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook. Sean is a teacher you can’t go wrong for giving advice on music and making sure you get everything that you need to succeed in your music endeavors.

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