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Matthew Mallino

Feasterville, PA

About Matthew

I'm a guitarist/musician with a music degree from Duquesne University. I specialize in teaching rock and heavy metal music, but can teach blues, jazz and country as well. My goal as a teacher is to empower you by giving you my knowledge of these art forms so you can reach your potential.

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Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Country Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Metal Guitar, Rock Guitar




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Also teaches: Logic, Mixing


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Teens, Adults, and Seniors


I played various instruments all through my childhood (flute, viola, drums) and began taking private guitar and vocal lessons while in high school. I then went on to attend Duquesne University's Mary Pappert School of Music in Pittsburgh, PA where I earned a Bachelor's Degree of Music with a concentration in jazz guitar and sound recording. I have since gained experience teaching private lessons as a freelance instructor, and am very passionate about helping anyone who wishes to study music or learn to play the guitar as a way to enrich their life. Currently my musical pursuits are concentrated on writing and producing my own album in the style of hard rock, while giving private lessons to students and working with other creators.

My teaching experience has been entirely through freelance clientele. Some of my clients have been found for me via services such as Thumbtack and TaylorRobinsonMusic. Others have contacted me via my Craigslist ads, and some have been friends/acquaintances. I approach teaching with the perspective that the student's musical goals come first. I believe in promoting the musical interests of my students by teaching them techniques that apply directly to the music they wish to learn, and by helping them expand through examples of music similar to that which they enjoy. I strive to empower my students by helping them to learn to use their musical studies as an outlet for self-expression and enrichment.