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Jonah Rosenthal

Los Angeles, CA

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About Jonah

The only thing I love as much as writing and performing is sharing my passion with other people and seeing them gain confidence in their newfound abilities.

What Jonah Teaches



All Levels

Acoustic Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Country Guitar, Folk Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Rock Guitar

Also teaches: Audio Engineering, Fingerstyle Guitar, Music Recording, Synthesizer


Instructor's Location, Online, and Student's Home

Experience Teaching

Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors


If you're going to hire a guitar teacher, your lessons should be something you look forward to every week. With each one of my students, I take into account how much time they are willing to practice, what playing styles interest them, and what teaching approach works best. I then come up with a lesson plan that is specifically catered to their needs.

I've been playing music for the past 20 years, and teaching professionally since 2010 to students of all ages and skill levels.