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I have been playing music professionally since the 1970's, which includes stage, studio, and touring, I have been teaching professionally since 2007 and have taught over 150 students privately and online throughout the usa and canada. I share this real world experience with my students.

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Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Country Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Rock Guitar




Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Pop Piano

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I’ve been playing bass since 1972, teaching professionally, since 2007, I have toured with TBS, Temple 8, the Cosmic Wheels, played for Motown producer Ivy Jo Hunter on many studio recordings for other profession singers, The late blues Legend Soloman Burke, also recorded for The Legendary Carl Carlton, The Doo Wop tour for The Shades of Blue and Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, and many more, 1st solo CD release in 1991 as artist Big Ive and Nem, lots of studio work on bass, and I have wrote and produced several Rap Artist songs.

Played on the show with Nate Watts of Stevie Wonder, Ralphe Armstrong of John McLaughlin, Kern Brantley of Lady Gaga, Lonnie Motley of the Funkadelics and many more, I am a DETROIT BASS PLAYER. I even have a show on YouTube about Detroit BASS Players. Also been in BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE 3 times, BASS GEAR MAGAZINE, DETROIT LIVE MAGAZINE, and graced the cover of LINHA DE FRENTE MAGAZINE in Brazil, and others.

I enjoy teaching music to others, I keep it fun and relaxed, I am patient and make sure each student understands the lessons.

I’ve been playing bass since 1972, teaching since 1980, teaching professionally, since 2007, I have taught privately in my studio and online over 150 piano, guitar and bass guitar students