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A musician my whole life, a studio owner for nearly 20 years and a professional music teacher for over 15 years. I have the experience to help you grow as a musician!

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Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Folk Guitar, Metal Guitar, Rock Guitar

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Bass Guitar

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Electric Bass



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Gospel Singing, Vocal Training

Also teaches: Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Fingerstyle Guitar, Logic, Mixing, Music Recording, Music Theory, Protools, Protools Lessons, Songwriting


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Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors


A professional musician and studio owner since 1997, I have been teaching privately since 2001. I teach all styles and levels, though my personal preference is rock and metal. I teach electric and acoustic guitar, bass, voice and audio production.

My first instrument is my voice as I have been singing since about the age of three. I have sung professionally for my band, have laid tracks for many other bands and I regularly lead worship at my church. But it was through coaching clients through challenging recording sessions in my studio, Audio Digital, that I finally decided that I wanted to teach voice. And so I completed the Vocal Pedagogy course from the world renown Dr. Scott Martin and have been teaching voice ever since.

My second instrument was the bass guitar, which I started studying at 11 years old. I started with a teacher and then eventually moved into self study. I have been playing bass for over 35 years and have played in a variety of bands and laid bass tracks for my own recording projects and for a variety of clients.

At 13 yrs old I began playing guitar and was self taught until I attended the University of Miami in pursuit of my Theory and Composition degree (1991, cum laude). I studied Classical Guitar under Rene Gonzales and Juan Mercadal and guitar has been my life ever since. I have played with multiple bands, recorded for commercial CD, Radio, TV and Internet and laid tracks for countless studio clients. I have been fortunate enough to be employed by my church worship team and have performed weekly for 500-1000 people for over 13 years.

I have taught hundreds of students ranging in age from age 7 into their 70's. I have an exceptionally high student retention rate of up to and over 10 years because I make lessons fun, I teach what students want to learn, I am very patient and nurturing and I really want to see my students succeed!

Please be aware, I am almost always booked a week out for lessons...