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Chad Lada

San Diego, CA

About Chad

I aim to be less traditional and more contemporary, individualizing my lessons based on each unique student. I want it to be fun for both of us and really reach your potential while playing the music you love love.


Acoustic Guitar, Classical Piano, Classical Voice, Country Guitar, Country Singing, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Rock Guitar, Songwriting, Trombone, Vocal Training, and Voice


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Children, Teens, and Adults


Chad is a well accomplished musician with a genuine passion and drive for what he does. He is knowledgeable on a diverse range of instruments and styles. Guitar, Vocals, and Trombone being his primary instruments with styles ranging from rock/classic rock, acoustic, pop, country, singer/songwriter, classical, top 40 hits, and much more.
Starting in Orlando Florida in 2012 as a private instructor while at the University Of Central Florida, Chad took on a handful of students and found is love not only as a performer but as a teacher as well. Since relocating to San Diego Chad presently continues to teach and currently teaches private and group lessons with California Music Studios, MusicStar Academy, and on his own freelance.
"I've come across so many students who come to me having prior lessons complaining that it was boring, monotonous, and ultimately unrelatable to the music they are truly drawn to. My goal is to make it fun and geared towards the songs and styles my students actually like and listen to! Being young myself (25), I believe helps in this aspect. "
Being both a teacher and performer, he understands the viewpoint from both sides of the spectrum and strives to make his lessons fun, relatable, and contemporary while also targeting the necessary theoretical aspects as a solid foundation.
Having spent 2014-2015 as a soloist musician with Carnival Cruise Lines, Chad has traveled the world and definitely honed is craft along the way. Voyaging such places as Australia, Singapore, Fiji, Mexico and more he has really expanded his cultural and musical diversity along the way.
He takes pride in his teaching and aims to cater towards the goals and desires of each individual student. If you are willing to work hard and learn you are guaranteed to have a fun time and success as one of his students!

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